How to Install Ceiling Fans

In terms of How to Install Ceiling Fans, the thing is quite straightforward and requires no special skills. The entire procedure takes about a couple of hours to a maximum of four hours, depending on the type of the ceiling fan. In all, it is a simple process which uses just a few basic tools and the components of the ceiling fan of course.

Needless to say, the very first aspect of the how to install a ceiling fan query should be to ensure that the electric points are available at the spot where you want the fan to be installed. Normally, the light fixtures are removed and the electric wires are then connected to the ceiling fan. Now, before we go into the entire process of installation, here is a checklist of all the apparatus or tools required to undertake the job:

  • Drilling machine
  • Screw driver cum tester
  • Small pliers
  • Spare nails and screws
  • Ladder

Once you have accumulated these accessories and you have identified the point where the fan is to be installed, you are ready to go.

Get the drilling machine and remove the fixture which is blocking the access to the main electric wires. An important advice to people seeking advice on how to install a ceiling fan – be careful that you do not drill into the wires and make sure you have turned off the main power supply. Once the fixture has been removed, twist the wires together and secure them to prevent them from tangling into a mess. Next, if the ceiling fan has been provided with a ceiling medallion, affix it with the help of the drilling machine and the screws. Ensure that the wires have been carried through the hole in the middle of the medallion.

The most important step in knowing how to install a ceiling fan is to learn to fix the ceiling blade plate firmly since this is the component on which the entire weight of the fan would rest. Once you have mounted the plate and fixed the screws firmly, it is time to move over to the ceiling fan itself. You may assemble the fan from its various components and fix everything tightly. The blades should be tightly screwed and the main rotor of the fan should be firmly fixed to the ceiling plate. Next, just ensure that the wires that you had twisted initially are connected correctly to the respective wires of the ceiling fan and seal the opening with an insulating tape.

One of the greatest advantages of installing ceiling fans is that it is a really inexpensive way of keeping cool. The air circulation that a ceiling fan generates is quite similar to the natural wind cycle of our environment and is quite pleasing to the body and mind. Ceiling fans save a lot of power as compared to air conditioners and are incomparable when it comes to their price. Ceiling fans may cost anywhere between to 0 depending on the size, features, energy efficiency and many other factors.


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