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Harbor breeze ceiling fans are manufactured by Litex and sold at Lowes stores. A ceiling fan is an electronically powered suspension that uses hub mounted rotating blades to circulate air. The harbor breeze ceiling fan has all the competences of other ceiling fans such as the motor, blades but this fan is distinctively made from MDF. There are several harbor breeze ceiling fans that are on offer with various price ranges. For instance the vintage style 52'' Lynnhaven which is priced at about $200, this harbor breeze fan comes with a light kit. There is a less pricey model with of 44'' known as the Mayfield Series which retails at about $150 and there is even a cheaper model that retails for about $70 which is 42'' Builder Series fan. The aim of the manufacturer is to provide quality and performance in any harbor breeze ceiling fan.

Pro's Aspect and Features
One of the main advantages of the harbor breeze ceiling fans is that they usually will have reversing blade motion allowing the air flow to be reversed downwards to allow for one not only to cool but also keep a room warm with minimum or no air conditioning. Another positive of the harbor breeze ceiling fans is that it will save money to any consumer give that it is more efficient in cooling a room than any air conditioner could be. However if one has both an air conditioner and a fan the saving will still be a plus as the air conditioning is to be set low and the harbor breeze ceiling fan will be the main heat regulator in the room.

Additionally, a harbor breeze ceiling fans has the option of having a remote control. This enables one to regulate the room temperature without necessary reaching for the switch. In addition other harbor breeze fans will have a light fitting which does not require one to have separate lighting. Another consideration that the manufacturer has made to satisfy the customer is that there are different finishes of the harbor breeze ceiling fan to compliment whatever room one is making the fan purchase for. Another distinct feature of the harbor breeze ceiling fans is that it has a direct drive motor. This means that the motor is prevented from any foreign item by a covering that has space for its ventilation. The covering of the motor is then used as a decorative element. Additionally this type of motor is less costly to produce hence enabling the manufacturer reach the customer's need at a less exorbitant cost.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Demerits
A precaution when installing a harbor breeze ceiling fans is that the junction box should met the recommendations for the fixture due to the weight of the given harbor breeze ceiling fan. Further the height of the harbor breeze ceiling fan should at least be seven feet, thus the harbor breeze ceiling fan is not ideal for rooms with the height of less than seven feet as this may result to accidents such as when one stretches his arms.

The Fact is now that due to the quality and performance of the harbor breeze ceiling fans that one should consider the purchase of this product. Further it comes with a 30 year warranty as opposed to some fan manufacturing companies that may give as short a period of warranty as a year. The fans are also available at various costs, sizes and colors to meet the individual requirements of each customer. In the instance where a customer requires special features such as lighting or remote control one will get a product to suit these needs from the range of harbor breeze ceiling fans.

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